Wingsuit Sequentials Competition Wingsuit Sequentials Competition


Welcome to Wingsuit Sequentials

An exciting wingsuit sequential competition that pitches teams from all over the world against each other in an aerial display of flying precision and skill. The competition is centered around wingsuit 4-way teams with a camera flyer - a formula bearing some resemblance to 4-way relative work (RW) competitions.

In this competition format, there are seven rounds of rotational figures randomly drawn from a dive pool. Teams score points by completing a point within the rotation and can earn bonus points for successfully completing a full rotation. Dive pools have been split into two sections - undocked and docked. At the present moment all teams will compete against each other. In the future we hope to be able to implement intermediate and advanced categories.

Based on an idea by Zach Schroedel, the competition was organized for the first time as a test event in 2012 at Chicagoland Skydivng Center in Rochelle, IL. Teams of flyers made the competition a great success.

We are currently looking for organizers outside of the USA who would be interested in organizing national editions of the Wingsuit Sequential Competition tailored to various skill levels.